24 Nov
image of an investor travelling in europe with Cypriot permanent residence
Non-Cypriot & non-EU nationals are permitted to enter and stay as permanent residents in Cyprus with no limitations
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Non-Cypriot & non-EU nationals are permitted to enter and stay as permanent residents in Cyprus with no limitations (residency status doesn’t expire and doesn’t need to be rene...
30 May
Img - UBO Cyprus Company
From June 1st the general public and obliged entities can access the Beneficial Owners Register
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The Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Energy, Commerce and Industry, announces that as from June 1st 2022 the general public, as wel...
15 Dec
Stephanie Nicolaou eklawyers
Cyprus: New pioneer plan for attracting foreign businesses
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By: Stephanie Nicolaou at Chambersfield Economides Kranos A new strategy aiming to attract foreign businesses to establish and expand their activities in Cyprus through a plan, was...
14 Dec
tax economides kranos
Cyprus: Amendments on Income Tax Law & SDC Law
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The House of Representatives in Cyprus, approved a set of amendments to the income tax law and defense tax law on 9 December 2021, relating to the definition of tax and the residen...
08 Dec
Cyprus leading adviser
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A new award for Chambersfield Economides Kranos   One of the latest achievements of Chambersfield Economides Kranos is to receive the award of the Leading Adviser for Cyprus f...
01 Dec
Per Curiam Opinion on the separation of Power in Cyprus
Supreme Court’s per curiam opinion: The Supreme Court of Cyprus reaffirms the principle of the separation of powers as fundamental to the constitution and the working of the State....
21 Oct
Chambersfield Economides Kranos receives the award of “Commercial Law Firm of the Year 2021” from The Lawyer Network
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We are proud to announce that Chambersfield Economides Kranos has been recognised and awarded as a “Commercial Law Firm of the Year 2021 in Cyprus” by The Lawyer Networ...
06 Oct
Mediation in Cyprus: Legal, Procedural and Practical Application
By: Christos G. Georgiou at Chambersfield Economides Kranos Mediation is an Alternative Dispute Resolution Method (ADR Method) which can be an alternative option for resolving a di...
07 Sep
Chambersfield Economides Kranos joins the Great Britain Cyprus Association
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Chambersfield Economides Kranos is pleased to announce that has recently become a member of the Cyprus Great Britain Association. Michalis Economides, a distinguished approved Barr...
23 Jul
Chambersfield Economides Kranos, is recognized by Gold Magazine 2021 Leading Law Firms, as one of the leading and best International Law firms in Cyprus and abroad.
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Chambersfield Economides Kranos values customer relationships, innovation, loyalty, trust, commitment, integrity, and teamwork.  These are some of the fundamental principles govern...