Chambersfield Economides Kranos is an innovative law firm with a comprehensive knowledge of the International Business Market. As a Law Firm we believe and entrust our associates and consistently follow a customer centric approach, by acknowledging that each customer is unique therefore each approach should be exclusive.

Our CEO and founder of the company, Michalis Economides, is an individual who followed his dream of creating a law firm that meets all the International Standards of customer satisfaction providing always the best of service.

He started his career as an Advocate and Legal Consultant in one of the Top 5 Law Firms of the world based in London and then continued by being partner in a reputable Law Firm in Cyprus, prior to creating his own Law Firm based in Cyprus.

Nowadays, Michalis Economides is an approved member of the Cyprus Bar Association, a Barrister at Law of England and Wales, Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators of England and Wales, Register Member of Mediators for Civil and Commercial Disputes, as well as, a Certified Liquidator and Insolvency Practitioner. In addition, he is an awarded and recommended attorney from various reputable organizations around the globe and regularly appointed by individuals, private and public entities for evaluation, review and consultation, in order to achieve the ultimate productivity and effectiveness.

We are distinguished for our innovative business comprehensive way of thinking, which is coherent with the customer centric approach followed in regards to our selective clientele.

One of the fundamental core values of the company is to create and preserve long term relationships with customers and not one off business dealings.  The returning rate of our customers reaches the amazing percentage of 93%.  Customers become “partners” in this mutual relationship and are not treated as customers in the traditional and typical manner.

The Law Firm operates on an international level and undertakes high profile legal cases, while also providing legal assistance in numerous other projects.

From the day of its establishment, our Law Firm provided professional legal, corporate and business consultation services to national and multinational companies, in relation to a broad spectrum of aspects; ranging from legal issues, new business models, ideas for expanding or changing internal and external policies of corporations to creative ideas for new brands, products or services as well as company formation, administration and management of Trusts on an International level.

Many customers approached the company for corporate and investment consultation as they knew by fact that the outcome would exceed their expectations. Other customers approached the company for the formation of their corporate contracts, for an arbitration between stakeholders, formation of new partnerships, re domicile, merger – acquisitions, registration of a business name etc.

Regardless of the nature of the request of each client, as a firm we consider every case as equally essential.

This outcome, of course, is the product of the diversified backgrounds and experiences of our team, which always proposes solutions coherent to the international business environment status. The team is very well aware that the diversified business environment of our era needs to be dealt with an open perspective, an out-of-the-box thinking, when approaching each legal or business issue.

Our firm is characterized by customers as “deal and case closers”. According to their feedback they feel assured that each case will be handled with integrity, ethos and professionalism providing the best outcome in the fastest possible way.