Law Firms Assistance in Business Development

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The international market requires experience and thorough understanding.

International’s market terms and conditions are hard and are not easily comprehend.

Therefore, the most important and wise action that an entrepreneur should do, is to cooperate with a law firm that has an extensive knowledge of the international market behavior and trends.

Our law firm Chambersfield Economides Kranos follows a customer-centric innovative entrepreneurial, and at the same time, comprehensive way of thinking. It recognizes that each customer approach should always be unique and exclusive.

In addition, the modern, multilevel business activities environment of globalization does not provide any limits or restrictions or protection to corporations, against the ruthless competition. Hence, the rapid technological development is helping competition to flourish even more, by sourcing heavily the various channels of communication.

Therefore, entrepreneurs are in a constant process of considering different strategies, in order to achieve a favorable course of action and thus differentiate their company, with the ultimate goal of lowering total costs and increasing profits.

Businesspeople are targeting strategic maximization of productivity, profitability and minimization of operating costs.

One of the key scenarios under consideration, due to its immediate variable capability, is to reduce operating costs through strategies such as:

• Enhanced management on corporate loans
• Company formations and / or relocations in favorable taxation environments
• Adjustment of the board of directors
• Modifications and reorganizations of companies and groups of companies
• Strategies formations and implementations for collecting outstanding amounts
• Trade agreements
• Mergers, joint ventures and acquisitions
• Formation of franchise agreements
• Formation of trusts with the aim of protecting the owners’ assets, as well as, safeguarding the company’s future strategies versus competition
• Voluntary liquidation of businesses, which are harmful with the aim of decreasing the operating costs
• New portfolio expansion investments

It is noteworthy to mention that the main prerequisite for the implementation and success of the aforementioned strategies is based entirely on the wise choice of selecting the appropriate legal advisor. The legal advisors together with the entrepreneur will generate the appropriate conditions for achieving reductions in operating costs, increase productivity and profitability.

Our law firm, Chambersfield Economides Kranos, with a comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the financial, investment, real estate and technology sectors, can be the ideal partner. We will assist you in finding the right strategies and business models that may increase your profitability.

Moreover, it is important to note that according to the legal and business needs of a company, our law firm will thoroughly investigate the operation and functioning, assess the internal and external policies used, evaluate the new products and services, and most importantly explore the performance of the current and new investments.

Last but not least, as an international law firm with a thorough experience of the international market terms and conditions, we consider that each entrepreneur / corporation before implementing any strategy should have a clear and accurate action strategy, which will be in accordance with the legal and business framework governing the jurisdiction that the business is headquarter, by setting and implementing the necessary legal safeguards, with the purpose of avoiding any adverse effects that may result from the improper handling.