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Admiralty & Shipping

There are several reasons for shipping companies to set-up in Cyprus, varying from the geographic location of the island, its maritime tax system – maritime policies and its EU diplomatic protection, to its presence in key ports worldwide.

Cyprus is an attractive destination for leading ship-owners to register their vessels and has the 3rd largest merchant fleet in Europe and amongst the top 5 worldwide ship management centres. As a member of the IMO council since 1987, with a flag classified in the whitelist of Paris & Tokyo MOUs and excluded the list of target flag states of the US coast guard, Cyprus is the ideal place to register a vessel.

Our Shipping law specialists at our firm can undertake cases on behalf of banks, owners, managers, charterers, freight forwarders and their respective insurers nationally and internationally. And they are able to offer our clients any kind of legal services related to maritime affairs such as:

  • Registration of Vessels, Yachts and Boats under Cyprus flag
  • Registration of Vessels Yachts and Boats in Foreign Jurisdictions
  • Deletion of Vessels and Yachts
  • Services of Authorised Representative
  • Ship Security Company Licensing
  • Financing, Security and the Enforcement of Mortgages
  • Drafting and Registration of Mortgages and Deeds of Release
  • Charter party and Seafarer Contracts
  • Agreements on Sale and Purchase of ships
  • Shipping Company Law and Tax issues
  • Legal advice concerning any Maritime or Shipping matter
  • Services related to the registration and issuance of an IMO number for Fishing Vessels, Sea-going merchant ships and for Shipping Companies & Registered Owners
  • Agreements for transshipment and towage

Furthermore, our expert Admiralty lawyers can offer Court representation for matters such as:

  • Aviation issues
  • Collision & Damages
  • Charter party disputes
  • Ownership disputes
  • Claims regarding salvage
  • Disputes in relation to shipbuilding and repairing contracts
  • Disputes relating to collisions
  • Disputes relating to freight and off-hire
  • Disputes relating to loss or damage of cargo
  • Employment of officers and crew issues
  • Financing, security and the enforcement of mortgages
  • Flag registration
  • Issues relating to pollution
  • Personal Injury claims