Debt Recovery

One of the greatest challenges that corporate entities have to deal with, nowadays, is the collection of debts. Currently, there are many companies that have difficulties in collecting their due balance, because some of theirs debtors encounter liquidation problems.

Therefore, in many cases a legal advice is essential. Many businesses and individuals are seeking for professional assistance, which will assist them in their debt collection problem.

Our firm has an elite team of legal advisors, who are specialized in the practice field of debt recovery. They encompass all the necessary skills, so as to provide to our customers a full professional support either with out of court settlement arrangements or through court proceedings, when of course it is necessary. Our service spectrum involves direct negotiations with companies’ debtors, dispute resolution with the aim of resulting to a clear commitment and materialization of the payment. If the debtor fails to cooperate in resolving the debt our law firm is proceeding with a pre-legal collection attempts. In the rare case whereas no settlement can be reached between the parties, then our law firm may represent the case at the court action after the customer consent.

As legal advisor, we aim to provide the best services in Cyprus, in order to collect the debts according to our customers’ requests.

Furthermore, our proven approach on debt recovery, which is based on the vast experience of our team, offers overall solution to our customers, while keeping a balance between the debt collection process customer relationships and company’s goodwill.