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Permanent Residence

Acquiring permanent residence in a country other than your home country means that you are requesting the right to live away from your home country without refusing being a citizen of your home country.

By applying for permanent residence, you may earn a lot of privileges, always according to the applied laws of each jurisdiction, but some of the advantages might include:

  • The opportunity of applying for a citizenship after a period of time.
  • Enhancement of the whole families quality of life
  • Lifting travelling limitations and visa requirements
  • Safeguarding a family by offering them the choice to live in a country with political stability, low crime rate and good quality of life etc.

Many countries are offering very attractive Permanent Residence schemes. The information about the schemes many times need a lot of clarifications, therefore the opinion of an expert is needed, so as to guide you through all the required processes.

Our team of experts may assist you for choosing the most suitable Permanent Residence scheme.

Golden Visa, Residence and Investment Schemes

High net worth individuals should seriously consider obtaining permanent residence either in Cyprus or Greece because of the Mediterranean climate, the blue flag beaches, top educational institutions, easy access to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Investors and individuals find Cyprus in particular a very attractive destination due to its favourable and transparent tax system, modern legal, regulatory and telecommunications infrastructure, its high quality of life and the ease of doing business.

The Cypriot Permanent Residency also known as a Cyprus immigration permit or unlimited residency is a legal status that entitles Non-EU citizens and their qualifying dependents to enter and stay as permanent residents in Cyprus with no limitations.

Moreover a holder of such permit can apply for the Citizenship after five years residing in the country even though the residency status does not expire (no renewal required – Regulation 5 and 6(2) of the Aliens and Immigration Regulations in Cyprus).

On the other hand Greece, also a member state of the EU offers its residents and citizens reassuring benefits such as safety, security, excellent education, robust healthcare options and dependable rule of law.

Furthermore the Greek permanent residency program offers the lowest cost entry route to obtain EU residency (visa free travel in Schengen Zone) for the entire family from a minimum of 250.000 euros and fast application processing in just 60 days.

In contrast to the Cypriot scheme, the Greek permit needs to be renewed every five years, provided the applicant still owns the property and has no minimum stay requirement so you can travel freely.

Our services

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