Permanent Residence

Being a residence means that you have the right to live in another country and simultaneously continue to be a citizen of your home country.

By acquiring a permanent residence, you may earn a lot of privileges, always according to the applied laws of each jurisdiction.

Our firm has an extensive experience and can undertake any immigration task, including Permanent Residence procedures.

Our experienced professionals can suggest reliable and within your income limits permanent residency schemes that will meet your requests.

Some of the main advantages of holding a Permanent Residency are:

  • The opportunity of applying for a citizenship after a period of time.
  • Enhancement of the whole families quality of life
  • Lifting travelling limitations and visa requirements
  • Safeguarding a family by offering them the choice to live in a country with political stability, low crime rate and good quality of life etc.

Many countries are offering very attractive Permanent Residence schemes. The information about the schemes many times need a lot of clarifications, therefore the opinion of an expert is needed, so as to guide you through all the required processes.

Our team of experts may assist you for choosing the most suitable Permanent Residence scheme.