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Competition Law

Competition or anti – trust Law ensures the smooth functioning of markets and generally the economy, in the public and private sector, through the use of the legislative and regulatory framework that supports and protects the market competition, anti-trust procedures and consumers’ interest.

In the modern global competitive environment, businesses need to comply with the European and International legislative framework, since globalization formed new challenges.

Our law firm Chambersfield Economides Kranos, with a thorough knowledge of the European, Cypriot and International competition law may assist you in conforming accordingly, so as to meet those new challenges.

Some of the reasons that set the necessity for business to consult with an expert on competition law matters, are, the limitation on the trade boundaries laws, increase of foreign investment transactions, uprising of the technology, cross – border activities and the occurrence of major developments on investment laws.

As a law firm, we are obliged to assure our respected customers that all standards are being followed according to the legislative framework, by ensuring the safety and protection of our customer’s interests whether there is a merge, acquisition or a joint venture transaction. In addition, our international experience and specialization on cross – border transactions, empowers our law firm to be able to advice in all aspects of the competition law.

Our expert team of lawyers is able to assist you in cases of abuse of dominant market positions, regulatory and trade issues, advising on EU regulations, competition litigation, compliance advice and consumer protection laws, as well as, for disputes regarding anti-competitive behavior, internal market issues and merger control.

Through our knowledge, we have the capacity of proactively advise our customer’s for all the legal issues that may arise under competition law, so as to comply on time with the legislative and regulatory framework, and, ensure the continuation of their successful businesses. Additionally, we may represent our customers before the “CPC” Cyprus Commission for the Protection of Competition and Courts of the Cyprus Republic, so as to protect their rights that fall under the scope of the International, European or National anti – trust law.