Immigration is a private matter.

Whether you are an individual or a family or an entrepreneur or a business entity, immigration still remains a personal issue since it addresses the physical status of a person.

Each case is unique; therefore each approach should be exclusive.

Chambersfield Economides Kranos offers a full range of immigration services, with respect to the needs and requirements of each customer.

Our experience lawyers following an approach based on customer’s needs, always; provide the appropriate solutions indicated by customer’s requests.

Our team of experts has an extensive legal experience and they specialize in regards to Citizenship and Permanent Residence plans.

We believe that some programs may not carry on forever and have a deadline. For that reason any investor that wishes to obtain such an additional Citizenship should operate in a fast and smart manner.

Our law firm approach every customer’s case with the highest standards of professionalism. All applications are treated with confidentiality and integrity.

What we value the most is customers’ satisfaction both on a short and long term basis.

Provided services:

  • Citizenship by Investment Schemes
  • Aviation issues
  • Permanent Residence Schemes
  • Worldwide immigration services
  • Advises about the Investment Schemes
  • Real Estate options
  • Overall immigration services


  • The experienced professionals of our firm have an extensive legal knowledge of the market and are committed to assisting individuals with any matter concerning immigration services worldwide.
  • Our professional lawyers are embracing each case with a smart thinking and fresh perspective, in order to provide each individual with the best solution.
  • Our exceptional legal knowledge, experience and reputation enable us to guide you to the best solution, regardless of the requirements of each case.
  • We have the right associates to add a local touch to each solution / jurisdiction provided.
  • Our commitment is absolute since our first priority is to offer each individual person, the most suitable solution according to the provided requirements.
  • Our, out of the box thinking with tailor made solutions is one of the main distinguished characteristic of our firm, since for each requirement there are several options.
  • We offer cost–effective integrated solutions by assessing the long term value of the solution for each individual.
  • The relationship with our customers is based on the principles of trust, loyalty, confidentiality, respect and understanding.
  • It does not matter where you are and when you need us; we can support you. Your private case becomes personal to us. Therefore, we understand the importance of meeting your request in a fast, effective and sufficient manner.
  • We may assist you with Investment Programs for the acquisition of Citizenship and Permanent Residence schemes that are fully compliant with the legal provisions of each and every jurisdiction we are dealing with i.e. Cyprus and Caribbean islands.

Every customer case is being approached with the highest standards of professionalism.