15 Dec
Stephanie Nicolaou eklawyers
Cyprus: New pioneer plan for attracting foreign businesses
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By: Stephanie Nicolaou at Chambersfield Economides Kranos A new strategy aiming to attract foreign businesses to establish and expand their activities in Cyprus through a plan, was...
14 Dec
tax economides kranos
Cyprus: Amendments on Income Tax Law & SDC Law
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The House of Representatives in Cyprus, approved a set of amendments to the income tax law and defense tax law on 9 December 2021, relating to the definition of tax and the residen...
12 Mar
Legal_Considerations _in_Today's_Businesses
Legal Considerations in Today’s Businesses
Category: COVID-19, NEWS
The disruptive force of the Covid-19 Pandemic has disturbed the balance of all businesses’ operations and changed the way people think and act.
04 Apr
Succession Success
Interview of Michalis Economides, Advocate & Legal Consultant | CEO of Chambersfield Economides Kranos Law firm | Gold Magazine November 2018
02 Apr
Announcement of the Ministry of Finance
Category: COVID-19, NEWS
Announcement of the Ministry of Finance
02 Apr
Announcement – Department of Registrar of Companies
Category: COVID-19, NEWS
Measures for assisting companies affected by coronavirus
02 Apr
Cyprus Restrictive Measures
Category: COVID-19, NEWS
Restrictive Movement Measures for the treatment of Coronavirus