12 Mar
Legal_Considerations _in_Today's_Businesses
Legal Considerations in Today’s Businesses
Category: COVID-19, NEWS
The disruptive force of the Covid-19 Pandemic has disturbed the balance of all businesses’ operations and changed the way people think and act.
20 May
Online Business
Category: NEWS
Online Business. In nowadays’ business world of globalization, internet, plays a vital role, breaking down geographical boundaries, enhancing, thereby, the limitation of cross-bord...
29 Apr
Maintaining GDPR compliance during COVID-19
Category: COVID-19, NEWS
Indeed, the measures imposed by the Governments, on a global level, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 have, inevitably, caused the interruption of everyday procedures followed ...
13 Apr
E-Commerce & Online Businesses
Category: COVID-19, NEWS
COVID-19 undoubtedly impacted and will continue impacting, for an unknown period, traditional day to day businesses and transactions around the world. Businesses are trying to cope...
03 Apr
GDPR – The Beginning of a New Era
Live Discussion of Mr. Economides about GDPR at Sigma TV on the 25th of May 2018