E-Commerce & Online Businesses

Posted by: Chambersfield Economides Kranos
Category: COVID-19, NEWS

COVID-19 undoubtedly impacted and will continue impacting, for an unknown period, traditional day to day businesses and transactions around the world. Businesses are trying to cope with the urgent need of transitioning their operations remotely and online.

Majority of trading retail shops, malls, shopping centers, restaurants, cafes and other type of businesses are turning into online e-commerce in order to minimize and mitigate against the losses due to the lock-downs from the Pandemic.

It is crucial that any business should take the steps towards online sales (e-commerce) in order to continue their operations. In addition, e-commerce of course can play a critical role in actually even expanding a business. By going digital and online, a business can approach a bigger market share than the traditional retail store operation.

The transition to e-commerce must be done in a correct and educated manner, taking all the precautions and all legal measures to support that change of operations.

There are numerous procedures and documents that needs to be prepared in order to be able to legally and safely initiate online sales. Starting form basic terms and conditions, privacy policy, cookies policy, GDPR compliance, refund and returns rights, intellectual property, copyright and trademark issues are some of the few issues that a business should consult and act upon before they launch their online business.

The correct and professional set up of the above will increase your operational capabilities and minimize exposure in severe risks in the future. Our law firm has an expert team for specifically online – digital – eCommerce businesses and can assist you in a prompt, professional and efficient manner.