Few words about Dominica

Dominica is an island country in the Caribbean Sea and one of the larger islands in the Lesser Antilles. It is located to the south-southeast of Guadalupe and northwest of Martinique.

It is renowned for its unspoiled natural beauties such as the beautiful sandy beaches, lush mountainous rainforests, waterfalls, springs and rivers as well as the spectacular flora and fauna.

Also, Dominica is a part of the Commonwealth of Nations, the trading Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.


  • Dual citizenship privilege
  • No permanent residency requirement
  • Estimated time 2 – 3 months
  • Visa – free regime to more than 120 countries, including the EU, Schengen zone, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland etc.
  • Inclusion of dependent children under 18 years old or unmarried dependent children under 30 years old
  • No requirement to reside in Dominica before or after Citizenship is granted
  • Right to live and work in Dominica
  • Nontaxes for non – residents

The Caribbean countries schemes offer two options for applying for their Citizenship by Investment scheme.

The first option, which is always the cheapest, is through donation to government fund and the second option is through the Real Estate Investment on government pre – approved projects.

In our professional opinion we believe that some programs may not carry on forever and have a deadline. For that reason, any investor that wishes to obtain such an additional Citizenship should operate in a fast and smart manner.

Dominica Citizenship By Investment Scheme

  • Estimated Time
  • Passport Fees
  • Residence Requirements
  • Visa – free Regime
  • Interview
  • Nationalities Control
  • Passport Validity
  • Taxes
  • 2-3 months
  • US$188 per person
  • None
  • 120 countries, incl. EU, Schengen Zone, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong & Ireland etc
  • No
  • Accepts all Nationalities
  • 10 years (adult) | 5 years (child)
  • No taxes for non residents
Contribution to the Government through Donation
Official Entity
Non Refundable Contribution

Government Fund Donation
US$100.000 main applicant
US$175.000 main applicant + spouse
US$200.000 main applicant + 3 dependants under the age of 18
US$25.000 for each additional dependant

Due Diligence

US$7.500 main applicant
US$4.000 for spouse
US$4.000 for each dependant aged 16 -30
US$4.000 elderly dependant parent of the main applicant over 55 years old

Processing Fees

US$1.000 per applicant
US$250 per applicant for Citizenship Certificate of Registration

Real Estate Option
Investment in Property

Minimum Investment of US$200.000 for a fraction (US$2.500 processing of ownership)


US$360.000 for full title on a pre-approved real estate project.
(Payable 10.95% of the investment/ purchase price + surveyors fee of US$1.500)  

In order to qualify for citizenship, you must hold authorized real estate for 3 years from the grant of citizenship. You may only re-sell that real estate under the Citizenship by Investment Program after 5 years of receiving citizenship.

Due Diligence

US$7.500 main applicant
US$4.000 for spouse
US$4.000 for each dependant aged 16 -30
US$4.000 elderly dependant parent of the main applicant over 55 years old
Government Fees

US$25.000 main applicant
US$35.000 for family up to 4 persons
US$50.000 for family up to 6 persons
US$70.000 for family of 7 persons and more

Legal fees : Subject to discussion. Please contact us, in order to advice in connection to the various options and decide the most beneficial alternative for your investment.

  • Please note that the Government has the right to alter or change any of the above mentioned procedures, criteria or fees, without prior notice, since all are granted under the sole discretion of the Dominica Government.
  • In some cases, an enhanced due diligence may be required, depending on the citizenship the applicant holds and other personal circumstances.
  • Additional transaction costs may also apply for the purchase of real estate. Fees are subject to change.